Twisted Tree Furniture
Meet the Artist
My love of furniture building developed in high school. Whether working construction,
laboring in a factory or owning my own remodeling company I have always retreated
to my studio to learn, create and experiment. Over the past three decades my work
has evolved and become more complex. It now includes inlay work and specialty

Working with figured, curly and exotic woods present unique yet fulfilling challenges.
From electric blue lacquer finishes to the warmth of a natural finish; the life of the
wood never ceases to amaze me.

My shop is located in Northeastern Ohio - near the shore of Lake Erie and I obtain
my wood from a local and respected small supplier in addition to hand selecting
pieces from area Amish mills. Our area is one of the few in the world where quality
curly and figured hardwoods grow.

Whether your taste runs from modern to traditional - simple to intricate; I can create a
unique piece that reflects your personality. Join me on Facebook - simply search for
Twisted Tree Furniture.

See you there!