Twisted Tree Furniture
top is perfect, and the contrast
between the various boards and the
final coats, you captured the desired
color wonderfully.
Can't wait to install it.
Thanks and take care,
Bill (Connecticut)

The final product was a beautiful set of two book cases that indeed perfectly
fit the room style wise and matched perfectly the wood color.

We're at the point now that these two book cases are becoming full.  We're
considering calling on Dave to do another one for us.

What my clients have to say...
Package arived and after many screws,
tape, and cardboard to get it out of your
shipping container , I dropped it into
The workmanship is exceptional and
the table top is absolutely beautiful!!!
Thank you very much.
Take care,
Bill (Connecticut)
"I love rocking my baby to sleep
in her one-of-a-kind cradle.   
top-notch.  It is a keepsake that
many years to come!"
Charleen (Illinois)
I do not
advertise my
My friends and
clients are better
than any paid ad .  
I thank them for
their continued
referrals and
Beautiful baseball bat display
made for me.  
craftsmanship at a fair price.
Dan (Illinois)
This is exactly what he had in mind.  As I
have been so busy I forgot to email you.  
soon as it is on the wall, I'd like to send
you a picture.  He really loved it.  Thanks
so much!!
Once again thank you so so much David!  Chuck
LOVED the gun case and we had to put it up that day!    
pictures as well!

We LOVED the way you built the case to hang as well,
(there is a lot of junk out there). I found this one handmade by you from my
choice of woods. It's perfect!

By the way, I bookmarked your website for future reference. You have some
beautiful works of art shown there. You are definitely doing well with your
work. I especially like what you're doing with the curly maple.

Thanks...and keep up the excellent work!

Dave is really very well made. I
can see your pride in producing quality, with
every aspect of this case.

The case was packaged so well and I
received it much faster than I had ever

Thanks again Dave, for building this
wonderful case to display my father's old
Winchester. I'm sure he would really love it!

I will be in touch sometime soon to have you
build that bookcase we talked about.

Best Wishes;

just can't find anything like this. Have many friends with guns and will be
giving your web site to them, so they can purchase these wonderful cases
that you build.

So, I thank you for the fine workmanship and working with me. It does
look like a museum item and your case really shows the gun off. Thanks,
again.  Randy